Providing free valuation services - land and commercial 

The real estate market has become more complex and dynamic making the valuation of real estate challenging. Chances are that your property values have changed.

Land and Commercial real estate are not as easy to value as residential property. 

While each residential property is unique, all residential real estate has common characteristics, i.e. neighborhood, beds, baths, age condition, and so on. Today computer algorithms are used to value houses because these common characteristics provide enough data for computer valuations.

Not so for land and commercial. Determining value for these types of assets can be challenging and at times very difficult. Sometimes an appraisal can be overkill because they are expensive and prolonged.

How is Magli Realty different?

Valuation of land and commercial real estate can be extremely ambiguous and challenging. If you are facing valuation uncertainty, call us. We will be happy to counsel and advise with a free valuation of your land or commercial property. 

Because land and commercial brokerage and investment real estate is our only focus, we have experience across the entire spectrum of skill sets needed to advise you of the value of your real estate. We are credentialed professionals with years of experience focused on real estate sales, marketing, and valuation.